Research ability of
Mechanobiology Dental Medicine

Control of ECM and Physical factor
  • Regulation of physical/chemical ECM ligands
  • Control of intrinsic/extrinsic force in a cell
  • Relationship between regeneration and nanstructure
  • Delivery system using functional meterials
  • Differntiation research depending on mechanobiological stimulation
3D coluture and bio-mimic structure
  • ECM mimic nano-fibril study
  • Dynamic 3D hydrogel decelopmnt
  • Scaffold of bio-degradable ECM development
  • Patient-specific brain organoid developmnet
  • Realtime assessment of micro-force in a cell
Mechanobiology signal pathway
  • YAP-dependent inflamatory rehulation
  • Fibrosis and cancer research via YAP signaling
  • Piezo expression in electric stimulation
  • Nuclear mechanics in cell reprograming
Mechanism study on tissue regeneration
  • Vasular regeneration
  • Bone regeneration
  • Cartilage regeneration
  • Central/peripheral nerve regeneration
Oral and dental regeneration study
  • Periodontal tissue regeneration
  • Pulp-dentin complex regeneration
  • Dental stem cell signal pathway
  • TMJ inflammation regulation
  • Oral-maxillofacial regeneration
Establishment of preclinical study model
  • Tooth injury model
  • inflamatory pulp tissue model
  • Ectopic pulp regeneration model
  • Periodontal ligament injury model
  • Other disease animal models(Myocardial infarction, strke, diabetes, acute/chronic kidney disease, nerve injury, hepatitis, etc.)